Baby Blessing Blanket or Christening Blanket with Flowers


Blessing or Christening Blanket

Nothing is more precious that a sweet infant, fresh from heaven. Giving your baby a special blessing or christening is an important way to show your love for them and your gratitude for having the opportunity to be their parent. Imagine your beautiful baby, dressed in white, being blessed and prayed over as you look on, with your heart overflowing with love for your sweet miracle. The only thing that could make the moment sweeter would be a beautiful, hand made, heirloom-quality crocheted christening blanket to wrap around your angel during his or her special moment.

Imagine the joy you will feel as you hear the blessings given to your child, and this blessing blanket will be a reminder of that joy for years to come. Bundle your baby in an original christening blanket, hand made especially for them. Use the blanket as a lovey for snuggling after the event, or save it as an heirloom that your child can pass on to the next generation.

We make our crochet baby blankets by hand, upon order, so each item is made especially for the recipient, with a great deal of care and love. Each baby blanket is unique and special, much like the babies we make them for. This particular christening blanket is created by crocheting each flower block separately and hand sewing them together. Approximately 36″ x 36″, it is the perfect size for wrapping your sweet baby in love for his or her special blessing day.


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