Panda Hat and Diaper Cover 1

Crochet Panda Hat and Diaper Cover


Panda Hat and Diaper Cover

Did you know that a momma panda bear gives great care to her tiny cub? Baby pandas cry just as human babies do: for food, sleep, or comfort. The panda mother will cater to the every whim of her cub for at least the first 18 months of its life, often cradling her tiny cub in one paw and gently holding it close to her heart, as her constant companion.

There is nothing more precious than the bond between baby and mother.  As a new mother, you can cradle your sweet newborn in this adorable Crochet Panda Hat and Diaper Cover. Capture the sleepy perfection of your newborn baby as he or she dreams of panda adventures. Your newborn photo session won’t be complete without a darling crochet panda hat and diaper cover.  When your session is through, use the hat to keep your baby snuggly warm on an outing or the diaper cover to keep baby’s diaper hidden on a warm day.

Our baby products are hand made to order, especially for your bundle of joy. Using only the highest quality materials, this crochet panda hat and baby diaper cover are sure to help you create a lasting memory that can be shared with loved ones for years to come. Soft white acrylic yarn is trimmed in a soft black to paint the ultimate panda picture. Having a girl? Your crochet panda hat can include a flower! Simply indicate when ordering.

Get ready for your beautiful baby to arrive by planning your photo session and ordering your crochet panda hat and diaper cover today!

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