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Sponsored by Blue Fox Boutique – a Lularoe Retail Shop


✏️Are you a teacher? Know a teacher?

They’ll want to be a part of this! 

I WANT TO SHOP FOR YOUR CLASSROOM! I will be donating $1 per item purchased August 5th-11th at

SAY WHAT?! That’s right. Here is how it will work:

First, s h a r e the post on Facebook!

NEXT tell ALLLLL of the teachers and get them added to our group!

(Type their name ??)

I will be announcing  teachers in my group ( between August 5th-11th to sponsor.

Teachers – tell me what grade you teach and what state you are in! 

If you’re a teacher, start working on an Amazon wishlist for me to shop! 

I know how those out of pocket expenses can add up! So I’m hoping we can help you stock up your classroom!

BONUS! Somebody may win this backpack!

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